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A group of business people and investors looking to advance creativity and goodness in our world through business.


Business is our passion. It’s also our way to advance our mission of creativity and goodness.


We love building environments where people can cultivate their inner creativity and create beautiful things.


Goodness means justice, freedom, and joy for everyone. We’re on a mission to advance goodness.

What does it look like to work with Hilltop Group?

Practically speaking, Hilltop is a group of experienced business leaders that work with companies looking to improve in areas like marketing, finance, and human resources. Our process follows a path of discovery, analysis, and application. We hold a variety of involvement levels from basic consulting to investment and partnership. Our clients come to us when they need to take their business from flat to thriving.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson


David Stauffer

David Stauffer


We don't always tap into our own potential.

Hilltop Group is committed to helping others discover areas of potential that help themselves and others.

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